Valley Smithey Today! Mike continuing the tradition of family blacksmithing as he stands in the same shop his family has worked in at Landis Valley Museum.

Valley Smithey, Then and Now!

Mike has his manufacturing shop at his farm in his home town, which was the site of a blacksmith shop over 100 years ago. But since it is not a set up to be a retail location please call before you stop by. 

Along with making 18th century reproductions for museums and collectors, Mike likes to cater to the American Homebody. Mike travels all throughout the state of Pennsylvania to craft shows and living history events, selling his rendition of outside decorations. Some of the popular items that Mike sells are items such as Shepard Hooks, Flag Holders, Flower Pot Holders, and Custom Chicken and Pig planters. You know when you have come to a show where Mike is a vender when you see the rolling wood cabin and mobile forge on display. Mike will routinely talk with customers while he is making horse shoes and stamping their names in them as a keepsake.   

Traveling to and from shows, it is unbelievable on the response this homemade cabin attracts. The siding is made of a finished White Pine and it is shingled Cedar shingles. The cabin is held together by hand forged nails that Mike had created. It was Mikes vision to make this old car trailer, a rolling piece of history to resemble an 18th century cabin.

Michael Reinard is true renascence man and has been a blacksmith for the past 20 years. A family man, Mike creates works of art for museums and other customers while working full time and raising his three sons. Mike's shop has grown ever since he founded Valley Smithey in 1993 when he got his start at a local amusement park, where he was the master of the shop.

In 2004, Mike left the park to branch out on his own as an independent blacksmith. He also began his employment at a museum in Lancaster County, PA. He brought a large amount of knowledge and experience where he has educated hundreds of school children and tourist about the true art of blacksmithing.

Being a lover of the arts and sciences, Mike continues to share his knowledge to many different apprentices who work along side him on a regular basis. One being his 13 year old son.

Since then, Mike's skills of blacksmithing have grown exponentially. Working hard under a master blacksmith, he learned to the point where his skills are unmatched by his competition.

The History of Valley Smithey Ironworks

The future of Valley Smithey. Mike's youngest son, Isaac, who is only 3, ready to begin crafting his very own creations!

One of Mike's sons, Dylan working on a fire poker, while his brother, Noah, was feeding the fire on the mobile forge.

Valley Smithey, 1998-2004